“I have never loved a cookbook as much as Paleogasm. It’s like the novel that’s hard to put down! The way that the recipes are layed out make you feel like you are in the kitchen cooking With Camille! I find myself looking for the next recipe to try out, as soon as I finish the current one. Camille does a fabulous job combining flavors to create such filling healthy menus! A healthy way to eat without giving up taste!”

Stephanie Grubbe Thornton
Super Mom



What is a Paleogasm?

Does the idea of indulging in delicious food conjure thoughts of guilt and images of food comas and bulging waste lines? And what about the healthy stuff? Synonymous to your taste buds with hay, bird seed, and depravation? Well you must not have experienced your first Paleogasm yet! In this groundbreaking culinary exploration, professional chef and nutrition expert Camille Macres marries her two passions: ridiculously amazing flavor and abundant health (with a side of stunning photography). Armed with a gift to layers flavors and textures using ingredients that are as nutritious as they are satisfying, the 150 recipes in Paleogasm will  leave you at once nourished, energized, and satisfied. Paleogasm harnesses the principles of the paleo diet, a health movement that is sweeping the nation with testimonies of radical healing from autoimmune disease, digestive issues, dramatic weigh loss, and countless other minor and major health conditions. The results people experience in a short time of eating this way shouldn't surprise us much. It simply rewinds the clock to pre-industrialized food days (before grains, refined sugar, and mad made science "food") when foods were natural and unprocessed. When you give your human automobile premium fuel, you should expect it to run 300,000 miles, right? 

About Camille:

Foodie first, health nut second. Not that that matters much, because Camille isn't one for compromise. She believes one is entitled to have their cake and eat it, too! Harnessing 10 years of experience as a professional chef for the Southern California elite and a deep understanding of the healing properties of food, Camille is committed to transforming the lives of 100 million people in her lifetime by shifting healthcare from the medicine cabinet to the pantry, the doctors office to the garden. You can find her at Recipe Rx developing the practical tools one needs to integrate a whole foods lifestyle and Paleo Cooking at Home sharing videos, recipes, tips, and tricks that will leave you inspired and empowered to cook at home for yourself and your family. Join in on the fun!

“Camille has inspired me to think outside the box with her creative and exciting recipes! Before I had the fortune of connecting with her, my paleo meals were starting to get bland and boring; even a sweet potato couldn’t get me excited. If you’re like me, you love what paleo eating has to offer: better health, longevity, and performance but can get lost in creating new dishes. With Camille’s golden spoon and magic food wand, she’s helped me to create fun in the kitchen again. After attending her class and learning more about what I didn’t know that I didn’t know, I’m now creating the possibility of eating clean, healthy,  and paleogasmic foods again!”

Josh Trent

“As a dietitian, my goal is to educate and empower my clients to start incorporating real, nourishing food back into their diet.  The biggest problem with the real food approach often lies in the execution.  Paleogasm is a solid solution to the question, “but what can I eat” and is a crowd pleaser for all ages.  With my crazy schedule, I have little time for cooking, but Paleogasm makes it fun and easy to get back into the kitchen.  I’m definitely planning on cooking my way through this book from cover to cover.”

Stephanie Greunke
Registered Dietician


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